Center For Working Families

The Center for Working Families(CWF) are neighborhood-based one-stop shops offering access to such family support services as job training and placement, help with job retention skills, and training in financial management and investing.  CWF Supports individuals and families, who are experiencing the challenges of poverty, by providing case management, emergency assistance, community referrals, and employment services.


There are three main areas of focus:

§  Family Empowerment

§  Life Skills/Job Readiness

§  Employment Center

All services are by appointment only.
Call ahead for an appointment or info at 925-4231 x 256.

Family Empowerment

The Family Empowerment program is designed to assist families in emergency situations while working towards the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. Services include:

Case Management


Emergency Assistance


Community Referrals


Life Skills/Job Readiness

The “Skills to Success” Program provides holistic life skills services. Participants enroll in a 7 week, 3 hour per day, 5 days per week training program offering modules designed to build job readiness and employment skills, enhanced communication, life skills and life coaching, situational analysis and personal financial management.

There are four areas of focus:

Life Skills:

§  Life coaching for goal setting and barrier removal

§  Mental Refocus Modification

§  Self-esteem/Confidence building

§  Interpersonal relationships

§  Team dynamics

§  Coping strategies

§  Conflict resolution

§  Anger management

Job Readiness:

§  Life/Career assessment

§  Application/Resume preparation

§  Interview skills (Video-taped practice interviews)

§  Job retention strategies

§  Job placement assistance

§  Job coaching and post employment follow-up

§  Time management

Financial Literacy:

§  Checking/Savings Accounts

§  Chex Systems Report

§  Personal Finance

§  Budgeting

§  Credit Reports

§  Wealth Building

§  Tax preparation

§  Loan & Interest Rates

Computer Competency:

§  Typing tutorial

§  MS XP professional

§  MS office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

§  Web search/research, Email creation and use

§  Job Boards/Resume posting, Online job applications


Employment Services

§  Computer Lab/Internet access

§  Job Bank maintained

§  Resume creation and review

§  Job referrals