FLANNER HOUSE Elementary Charter School

Flanner House Elementary Charter SchoolWhat is a Charter school? 

A public school -- open to all!

These schools are started by interested parents, educators, business and/or community leaders. Each school is created with its own unique curricula and is authorized by a state university or interested community leaders.  These schools are accountable for meeting all academic standards as well as management of their budget. Flanner House Charter was authorized by the Mayor of Indianapolis in 2002.  The school made history by being one of the first four charter schools in the state of Indiana. 

The school provides all students with a high level of academic skills to prepare them for lives of vision and consequence in the 21st century.  Students are provided with a positive learning environment, challenging each individual to maintain the highest traits which are distinctly human: reason, creativity, curiosity, and compassion.  The school continued in the 2004/2005 school year to be committed to:

Enhancing the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well being of each student.  Teachers attended staff development with an Open Court Curriculum Consultant, thus enhancing their skills and knowledge of this language and reading curriculum.

Other staff development opportunities have been provided by the Children’s Museum, and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

The University of Indianapolis continued to provide staff development throughout the school year 2004/2005.

Providing each student with a solid base of knowledge and the skills needed for further inquiry and participation in a global society. Flanner House Elementary School was selected to pilot a math curriculum for SRA (a division of McGraw Hill).  The school was chosen because of student and teacher dedication to mathematics. The curriculum they are using as a part of the pilot will be modeled over the country.

Student performance on the state mandated assessment was extreme gratifying.  The 3rd and 6th grade students at FHES were the highest scoring in the state of Indiana for charter schools.

The school continues to offer a program and environment that draws out the artist, musician, and poet in each student.  The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra selected FHES as a partner school. The Indianapolis Symphony makes available to the school artists, musicians and other members from the art community to provide educational  experiences and opportunities.

The Elementary School Student Council: Students participating in this program learn leadership and acquire a basic understanding of the process of government. They promote programs that improve the School environment.

Boy and Girl Scouts: These after-school groups participate in a variety of activities which promote camaraderie, citizenship, dignity, cooperation, etc. Activities occur both at the school and away.  The Girl Scouts had the privilege of having a sleepover at the Indianapolis Zoo sleeping with the dolphins.

Drum Corps has taken on a fresh new approach with their entertainment.  They have had performances at the Pacer games, and the Children’s Museum. The drummers were the opening entertainers at the Indianapolis Symphony’s Annual Black History program, as well as for a Monday night Colt’s game.

Toastmasters student became a part of the nationally know Toastmaster organization.  Through this program they were exposed to and learned the power of debate and public speaking.

The School staff, Board, students, parents and community share in the success of the school.  Parents continue to volunteer and take part in school functions and activities.  Each year the school is provided with gifts and other monetary contributions for field trips and etc.     

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